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Wag-a-thon Wednesday


What is Wag-A-Thon Wednesday?

In 2016, I attended Guiding Eyes for the Blind, and after three weeks, I returned home with a trained guide dog and the knowledge to work with her. Most of you know my beautiful Iva from the Guide Dog Tales.

A guide dog has drastically changed my life. Iva is a gift from God. With her, God has opened many doors for me and my ministry.

I want to give back to Guiding Eyes. All my training, room and board, delicious meals, and equipment including Iva were free. I did not have to pay for a single thing, not even my airfare, thanks to generous donors.

The following link will explain the details of the Wag-A-Thon, but would you please consider giving to Guiding Eyes by sponsoring us?

The Wag-A-Thon lasts through May 31, and I will keep you updated here concerning our progress.

Iva and I thank you for giving, along with many future guide dog teams.





Guide Dog School: Day 17

Guide Dog School: Day 17


What builds trust in someone? Knowing they have your back. Do you remember your first trial as a Christian? You thought you trusted God, but fear lurked around every corner. Worry kept sleep from coming. That is not genuine trust.


I thought I trusted Iva until yesterday. A train platform can be 8-10 feet off the ground. Trains load quicker that way. However when the train pulls out, you are standing on a ledge. In certain areas, it is quite narrow. Walking to the edge and telling a guide dog to move forward but she refuses to walk you to a horrific fall boosts your confidence like nobody’s business. Even if you never expect to travel by train, and you are attending a guide dog school, I highly recommend taking this option.


All year, people have been praying for Iva, especially my EC prayer partner, Dawn. I am feeling the result of those prayers. She is perfect for me. Thank you all. Continue to pray for my bursitis which has flared up. Also, pray for us as a team: my following position, corrections and getting that left foot out. Specific? Yes, specific prayers get specific answers and God gets specific glory.


In the last two days, I have learned to give Iva a pill, if needed, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing (poultry flavored toothpaste). Guiding Eyes has an annual fund for vet supplies. My fund expires in December. Since it is October, let’s say I did some major shopping. I am well stocked for a year.


Iva demonstrated great conduct during the mini-conference here on Monday and at a restaurant today. We have done more store work, rode a bus, and learned how to load up in a car. The training is one-on-one here about 99% of the time. Yesterday was the first day we worked in doubles: two people per trainer.


Today is NYC day, but five of us chose to work on what we need here at school. We walked the Croton Riverwalk by the Hudson River. At the end of the 1 1/4 mile walk is a 9/11 memorial with an actual beam from one of the Twin Towers. I will post the pic on Facebook and Twitter.


Graduation is Saturday, and it will be live-streaming at the following link at 1:30:



The first 20 minutes are blank. Just be patient – a necessary quality in guide dog work.


So, today’s message: Trust God, pray specifically, and never forget 9/11.