Incense Rising Onlin Study 1

Week 1: Part A

Welcome to the Online Incense Rising Bible Study!!!! This week, read Days 1-5 in “Incense Rising: 60 Days to Powerful Prayer”. Visit this site on Tuesday and Thursday for the study. Don’t worry if you fall behind! Just use the weekend to catch up. Thanks for being part of my first study! Please leave a comment so we can chat about prayer. See you Thursday!

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Welcome to my first Bible study online. You will need a Bible, something to jot notes on, and a copy of Incense Rising: 60 Days to Powerful Prayer. Week 1 covers days 1 through 5. Incense Rising is not a typical devotional book. It is almost a Bible study. This online study will elaborate on the hidden treasures of prayer.

We will begin by learning about God’s view on prayer. How does God want us to pray? Do we realize how special the prayers of the saints are to God? Do you ever feel as if you are bothering God with your requests? Maybe it’s too small. Maybe it’s repetitive. The first thing we need to understand about prayer is how much God loves it. Parents of grown children, how do you feel when you hear from your kids? God is thrilled to hear from His children. He is glad you continue to bring the same request before Him. It says that you have not given up on Him. It indicates your faith in His ability, His timing, and His promises.

People may not have time for us. People may shut the door in our face, but not our heavenly Father.

On day 3, we begin to look at God as our Daddy. That is hard for many people. Many women have suffered abuse at the hands of their fathers. Many men and women alike have been abandoned by their earthly dads. Some of us were blessed by a good daddy, but he struggled to express affection to us. That was my dad. He was good, but not one to give hugs or even say, “I love you”. That is why it is difficult for me to understand the depths of my heavenly Daddy’s love for me.

When we look at God as our Father, we are hindered by what we have learned from earthly fathers. That could be why the Lord’s prayer reminds us immediately that He is heavenly. We cannot compare Him with an earthly father. Our Abba Daddy is divine, and everything about Him is heavenly. He is flawless. He never breaks a promise.

We may have a trust issue stemming from the relationship we had with our own dads. Once again, our heavenly Daddy is trustworthy. No comparison

As we ask God to counsel us in prayer, we also need to pray about our misconceptions and scars that have not healed. Just know that your prayers are adored by God. If it is too difficult to consider Him as your Daddy, know the Lord God loves you intensely.

“Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love;” (Jer. 31:3b NKJV)

How would you describe an everlasting love?

When did it begin?

But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. (Rom. 5:8 NKJV)

We love Him because He first loved us.

(1 john 4:19 NKJV)

What do the following verses say about God’s love and care for His children: Jeremiah 1:5 and Romans 8:35-40?



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