Guide Dog Tales Vol. 5


By Carolyn Dale Newell


With Christmas just a few days away, my husband and I are giddy with joy buying toys for Iva. We never had a child together. My daughter was ten-years-old when we married. Although Timmy helped make her Christmases good, it is never the same as those first ones. I remember when colorful gift wrap and red and green bows were more exciting to her than the actual gifts. The following Christmas, she took time to play with each gift before opening the next. Yes, this will be a fun Christmas with Iva.

The timing is perfect, as always with God, because this is Timmy’s first Christmas without his brother. We are going to the mall today, and I think Timmy is more excited about Iva seeing Santa than anything else.

Last week, while walking, Iva stopped because someone had left their lawn equipment behind their trailer in the street. What a nightmare that could have been with my cane. I love my girl!!

Usually, Iva displays great patience at feeding time. Patience is a virtue, but don’t we think of it as a dirty word? We don’t want to be patient because we don’t want to have to be patient. Iva follows me calmly as I get her food from the bin in the closet. I tell her to sit, and I give her one kibble for her self-discipline.

We should desire this fruit of the Spirit just as much as we desire the others. Impatience produces panic, but patience produces peace. We are afraid to pray for it because we fear we may have to live it. We cannot use our culture of instant messaging and instant meals as our excuse. David had a “wait” problem. Numerous times throughout the Psalms, he cried out to the Lord asking “how long?”. David did not live in a hurry-up lifestyle. Waiting is just plain hard.

Iva does not lie on her bed and nap while I prepare her food. She is right by my side, eager, but not jumping. Let’s take another lesson from Iva.

While we sit tight, looking forward to the object of our wait, we should be right by God’s side. We do not need to sit in the corner and whine. We should stay in prayer. Jesus said that we are to ask, seek, and knock. He did not tell us to tell Him one time and wait our turn. Iva sees me pouring her food in the bowl. She watches me pour the water on it. She sees what I am doing.

We cannot see what God is doing in our waiting time. That makes it hard. We think He has forgotten. If I did not get Iva’s bowl, she would think I had forgotten too. It is our part to remember. God does not forget, but He wants us to ask Him every day. Perhaps, the answer has not come because we have not asked.

Christmas is coming, and we only have a few days to wait. This probably will not post until afterward. May I suggest that we put patience on our list of New Year’s resolutions. May your 2017 be filled with peace.

Copyright 2016 Carolyn Dale Newell.


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