Guide Dog Tales Vol.2


By Carolyn Dale Newell

When I attended Guiding Eyes, the school was located in a small town outside of New York City called Yorktown Heights. Almost every day, we traveled to White Plains. The school owned a house there where we spent the day, allowing each of us to have a morning and an afternoon route through the busy downtown section. While in White Plains, we kept our guide dogs on harness, and they went everywhere we went. If you need to go to the bathroom, the dog goes with you. If you go to the kitchen for a drink or snack, the dog goes with you. They had restaurant-style booths where we ate lunch. You guessed it – the dogs went with us. Sometimes, I wanted to ask a classmate to just hold onto Iva until I return from the kitchen in 30 seconds. I never did.

I see the results of what that continual togetherness did. Now that we are home, Iva wants to be with me. If I clean out closets, she is there. If I sort laundry, she is there. If I wash dishes, she curls up on the rug right next to me.

She doesn’t have separation anxiety, and she sleeps in the den, in her crate. She just desires to be in my presence.

Oh, if Christians longed to be in the presence of God in that same manner! God wants us to love Him with all our strength, all our might, and all our heart. Do we linger with Him throughout the day? Do we carve out some time for prayer and even for our Bible study, but then go merrily on our way? I want to love God the same way Iva loves me. I want to desire His close presence as she desires to be near me. How can we, as Christians, hunger for God? How can we pant after Him as David wrote? Are our thoughts too centered on the world?

I love that Iva loves me this way. I am confident God wants us to love Him with such adoration. How can we change our lifestyles to draw near our Father throughout our day?

Copyright 2016 Carolyn Dale Newell



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