Guide Dog Tales Vol. 1


By Carolyn Dale Newell


Iva and I have been home for three weeks, and I am still trying to get a schedule. It is so easy to spend time loving on her or playing with her. In addition, I have had a very sick kitty.

I wish I had a guide dog years ago. It is so much better than cane travel. There have been several times in the past three weeks that I would have either turned around and gone home or at least been uncertain about what laid ahead. With Iva, that has not happened. I can rely on her eyes and judgment to get by these obstacles.

People at church are very good about trying to ignore her when she is on harness, but when I am in the general public, they pet without even asking. I plan to purchase a “Do not pet” sign for her harness.

Our neighborhood is lined with a wooded area on one street. It is not unusual to see deer there. Last week, as we began our turn onto that street, Iva refused to go forward. I heard the deer walking, and I thought she may be more comfortable walking on the other side of the street just to get by them. Once we crossed, she took a step forward and looked back as if to say, “Do you really want me to do this?”. Then she began backing me up the street by walking backwards. This is what she was trained to do to protect me from dangerous traffic situations. At that point, I decided to trust her and wait. I took some quick pics to send my husband. He confirmed that there was a deer present.

God protects us in that same manner. He prevents us from going through when a danger unforeseen to us is in our path. He redirects us in the way He wants us to go. This can be a physical path or the path of life. How many times do we become upset because our journey changes?

At Guiding Eyes, the dogs are trained to do their business with the command “get busy”. Timmy, my husband, was playing with Iva in our yard when a neighbor yelled to their daughter, “Get busy and help”. Immediately, Iva dropped her tennis ball, squatted, and “got busy”. If I am at a church and the preacher tells Christians to get busy about our Father’s business, we are out the door! Please southern gospel singers, no “get busy” songs. LOL!

Iva has brought much love, life and laughter to us. A gift from God!

Copyright 2016 Carolyn Dale Newell.


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