#2 of 2015: Book Review “Field of Influence”



“Field of Influence” Is a beautifully written novel which allows you to peer into the thoughts and emotions of a drug addict. The author, Jenny Reese Clark is a former addict herself, and as you read about Casey Shaw’s life, it is really a glimpse of what most addicts go through. Casey, like Jenny, did not choose drugs, but became addicted while using pain medications.


The story centers around two Marines who are now trying to build a life after war injuries forced them out of service. The story takes a dramatic twist when Casey finds himself with nothing but a Bible. That is when God does such a wondrous work in the life of this man who would have given his life for his country, but now he would gladly make that same sacrifice for God.


This book has inspired me to reach out to others who are struggling in a way that I would have never considered before. However, I cannot give the plot away. You will definitely want to read it yourself, and you will find that you will have a hard time putting it down until you reach the final page.



Jenny Reese Clark is a convicted manufacturer and abuser of illegal drugs. After losing her freedom and nearly her life as a result of her actions, she vowed to never withhold the lessons learned from a life so experienced. As the Lord continues to bless her, she writes and speaks on the promises of a changed life through Christ.

Visit Jenny online at jennyreeseclark.com.


“Field of Influence” by Jenny Reese Clark Amazon- http://www.amazon.com/Jenny-Reese-Clark/e/B00Y13N068

You can find Jenny on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/JennyReeseClark/?ref=br_rs

 Instagram http://instagram.com/jennyreeseclark

Twitter https://twitter.com/jlreeseclark







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