By Carolyn Dale Newell

Commit your way to the LORD, Trust also in Him,

And he shall bring it to pass

Psalm 37:5 (NKJV)

Many women can identify with Naomi. Life had not been kind to her, but God providentially worked in her life to greatly bless her. As the book of Ruth begins, we find Naomi, her husband, and two sons leaving Bethlehem for Moab to avoid the famine. Her husband died in Moab, and her sons married Moabite women. Then both of Naomi’s sons died before they could give her grandchildren. Naomi returned to Bethlehem with her loyal daughter-in-law, Ruth.

In Ruth 1:13, Naomi said, “…the hand of the LORD has gone out against me!” She had lost everything and she was hopeless.

Upon their arrival in Bethlehem, she told the people not to call her Naomi, which means “pleasant”, but she asked them to call her Mara, which means “bitter.” She felt that God had dealt bitterly with her (Ruth 1:20).

Ruth gathered food for them as she gleemed grain in the field of Boaz, a close relative of Naomi’s son. It is important to understand that Israel had a law concerning the widow and the close relative of her dead husband-the kinsman redeemer. The close relative would marry the widow and their first child would be considered as the son of the dead man. Boaz was the kinsman redeemer.

Therefore, Ruth and Boaz married, and they had a son, Obed. In Ruth 4, the neighborhood women are blessing the Lord for giving Naomi a new family and much joy.

God providentially worked in the lives of all these people. Naomi and Ruth were both rescued from a life of poverty by the sacrifice of Boaz. Boaz and Obed are in the genealogy of Christ, our kinsmen redeemer. Although the book of Ruth is known for this Old Testament picture of Christ, it offers hope to ladies like Naomi. Ladies who feel there is no hope. God is a hope to the hopeless.

Precious Father,

Thank You that Your Word speaks hope to us. Thank You that we have eternal hope in Christ Jesus. Amen.


Take a few days to read the short book of Ruth.


What makes you feel hopeless? As our verse says, “Commit your way”, your life, to God. There is always hope with God.

Copyright 2015 Carolyn Dale Newell.


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