Our Faithful God


By Carolyn Dale Newell

 Great is Thy faithfulness. The Lord is my portion,

Saith my soul; Therefore, will I hope in Him.

Lam. 3:23b-24 (KJV)

What an amazing afternoon! God has answered two prayers in less than one hour. I had just enough time this evening to write one devotion, but it had to be one of those ideas that just writes itself. I had no ideas. As I left for my walk, I asked God for an idea.

I am almost totally blind, and I walk alone –except for God, who is always with me. Lawn mowers are a blind persons’ worst enemy, because we depend solely on our hearing to cross streets. As I walked, I heard the lawn mower up ahead. I began praying for God to intervene, because I was approaching my busiest street. At the last possible moment, I heard the man turn the mower off as he spoke to me. I gratefully thanked him and I thanked God too. He never started that mower again until I was further away.

Both prayers were answered, because God gave me something to write about – His faithfulness! It was a small matter, but He was still faithful. That increases my faith about the larger matters. God was not only faithful to answer my prayers, but He encouraged me to wait on Him, since my answer did not come until the last minute. I needed that in order to be patient in another issue which I have been praying about.

Is there something that you need to take to God in prayer? He is so faithful! Trust Him to answer, and don’t get inpatient if you have to wait. He is there right when we need Him most. He knew just what I needed today – an answered prayer, a lesson in patience, and this devotion to encourage you. Please be en courage and know that no matter what, God is faithful!

Precious Heavenly Father,

We thank You for Your faithfulness. We fail to recognize it many times, but without it where would we be? Praises to You Lord! Amen.


Read Lam. 3:1-26.


When have you seen God’s faithfulness today? What area of your life requires patience?

Copyright 2015 Carolyn Dale Newell.


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